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For many years, Cancer Nutrition Centers of America (CNCA) published a healthy update newsletter, called HealthNotes®, full of cancer health information from healthy recipes to nutritional and supplemental actions a person can take for better health. While a hard copy of this newsletter is available at many of the Our Journey of Hope® lay ministry trainings, we're now happy to be able to offer many of the editions of this newsletter to you online through Hope Navigatorssm. As you read through these, you may find some health tips, recipes and beneficial information that will be valuable not only for you to pass along to cancer patients and their families but for you to implement in your own life as well.

HealthNotes® December 2008

HealthNotes® January 2009

HealthNotes® February 2009

HealthNotes® March 2009

HealthNotes® April 2009

HealthNotes® May 2009

HealthNotes® June 2009

 HealthNotes® July 2009

HealthNotes® August 2009

HealthNotes® September 2009

HealthNotes® October 2009

HealthNotes® November 2009

HealthNotes® December 2009

HealthNotes® January 2010

HealthNotes® February 2010

HealthNotes® March 2010

HealthNotes® April 2010

HealthNotes® May 2010

HealthNotes® June 2010

HealthNotes® July 2010

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